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Calis Beach Top 10 Things To Do – Tours and Activities

Discover Calis Beach

Calis Beach is a popular destination in Fethiye, Turkey, known for its stunning views, clear waters, and beautiful sunsets. It’s located on the western side of the Fethiye peninsula and is about 5 km from the city center.

The beach is a long stretch of sand and pebbles, with plenty of sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach bars. The water is calm and shallow, making it perfect for swimming and water sports.

One of the highlights of Calis Beach is the stunning sunsets that can be seen from the beach. Visitors can enjoy a drink at one of the many beachfront bars or restaurants while taking in the breathtaking views.

There are also plenty of activities to enjoy at Calis Beach, including parasailing, jet skiing, and boat tours. Nearby attractions include the Fethiye Marina, the Fethiye Castle, and the Lycian Way hiking trail.

Overall, Calis Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Fethiye, offering a beautiful beach and plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy.

Calis Beach is a popular destination for wind surfing enthusiasts. The beach is exposed to strong winds during the windy season, providing excellent conditions for wind surfing. The best time for wind surfing in Calis Beach is from May to October, when the wind is at its strongest. There are several water sports centers along the beach that offer equipment rental and lessons for wind surfing. These centers also offer other water sports activities such as kite surfing, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding. With its beautiful scenery and ideal wind conditions, Calis Beach is a great destination for wind surfing.

Good to Know

Beach Life
Approximately 4 kilometres of shingle and pebble beach…
Sunsets Sunsets Sunsets
One of the best sunsets in the region - as the sun disappears in the horizon...
Water Sports Enthusiast - you are in the right place
Kite surfing & windsurfing - ideal wide conditions...
Sunset Cocktails
Good choice of bars & restaurants with live music & djs...
Open for business - all year around...
Calis is even nicer on the winter when its cooler and sunny enough...

More about Calis

Calis Beach and Koca Calis are two adjacent beaches located in the Fethiye district of Turkey. Here’s what you can expect from each of them:

Calis Beach: This is a long, wide beach that is popular among tourists and locals alike. The beach is known for its stunning sunsets and is a great place to watch the sun go down over the Mediterranean Sea. There are many restaurants, bars, and shops along the beach, as well as a promenade that stretches for several kilometers.

Koca Calis: This is a quieter and more secluded beach than Calis Beach. The beach is located a little further from town, and is therefore less crowded. Koca Calis is surrounded by pine trees and has a more natural feel to it. There are a few restaurants and cafes located near the beach, but it’s generally a more peaceful place to relax and enjoy the sun and sea.

Both Calis Beach and Koca Calis are great places to swim, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding. They are also both close to other popular attractions in the Fethiye area, such as the Lycian Rock Tombs and the Butterfly Valley.