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Speed Boat Hire (Oludeniz)

Price Euro140 2 Hours
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Speed Boat Hire (Oludeniz)

Euro140 per person

If you’re looking to rent a speed boat with a captain in Oludeniz, there are quite a few options in size and capacity.

Many of Oludeniz’s beautiful coastline can only be reached by boat. What better way then hiring your own private speed boat for a day with a captain and explore hidden coves and secluded beaches at your own pace. Choose between full-day and half-day options (bring your own picnic lunch), swim – snorkel – sunbathe – simply have the best day of your life…

When renting a speed boat with a captain, you’ll typically have the option to choose the duration of the rental, which can range from a few hours to a full day. The rental company will provide a captain who is experienced in operating speed boats and familiar with the local waters.

During the rental, you can enjoy the thrill of speeding across the water while the captain takes care of navigating and maneuvering the boat. You can also choose to stop at various points along the way to swim, snorkel, or explore the surrounding area.

Among the popular swim stops during speed boat tours is Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Waterfall, Kabak Bay, St Nicholas Island, Cold Water Bay along others.

Overall, renting a speed boat with a captain in Oludeniz can be a great way to experience the beauty of the Turkish coast in a safe and thrilling way.

The prices for the speed boat hire are (per boat not per person):

2 Hours – 140 €
3 Hours – 190 €
4 Hours – 240€
5 Hours – 275 €
8 Hours – 350 €

2 Hours
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Oludeniz Beach Speed Boat Hire Point/ Oludeniz Beach Speed Boat Hire Point
  • Dress Code
    Swim wear, sun hat, sun lotion, camera, picnic lunch and spending money
  • Included
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Hotel Pick Up
    Photographs & Videos
    Video Package
Meet you captain at Oludeniz Beach
After meeting your captain and arranged your provisions (i.e. picnic lunch, drinks) - it's time to get you onboard and brief you about the safety and days route.
1st Stop- Butterfly Valley
Depending on the sea conditions of the day - your captain will take you to Butterfly Valley for a swim/snorkel break.
2nd Stop - St Nicholas Island
Perfect stop for snorkel/swim and if feeling energetic explore the islands old historical settlement. Good spot for a leisurely lunch may it be on boat or on shore.
3th Stop - Cold Water Bay
Crystal clear waters and coldest water (due to underwater cold water springs) is very welcoming especially during hot summer months. Again perfect spot for a lazy afternoon swim/snorkel.
Back to Oludeniz Beach
Depending on your rental time - half a day or full day - its time to say farewell to your captain and back on land for your well deserved cold beer or cocktail.
Please Note
Please Note: This is a sample itinerary - the actual route may change on the day due to weather and sea conditions. Your captain will advise you the best route and specific itinerary for the day...

Tour Location

Some of the swim/snorkel/lunch stops along the coastline are Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Waterfall, St Nicholas Island, Gemiler Beach, Cold Water Bay, Five Stones Bay and Camel Beach
Accessed only by boat, Butterfly Valley is one of the prettiest and most popular bays in Fethiye. Tucked into a deep valley with 350m high cliff-walls and a small waterfall at the rear, it is a stunning natural location with the wild flowers attracting many rare butterflies which led to its name. On shore you will find a beach, restaurant and bar with basic tree house/camping accommodation appealing to travellers during the summer months. Butterfly Valley is a lovely place to visit, especially early morning or later afternoon if you wish to avoid the day-trippers.
A narrow channel acting as a safe harbour separates Gemiler Island from the mainland. This relatively small island measuring just 1000m x 400m is a real highlight of the local coast and boasts a fascinating history. Throw anchor in front of the island and take a trip across to find the ruins of buildings and churches dating back to the 4th and 5th century. Unfortunately, many of the old houses are hard to distinguish and lie in ruins or semi-submerged. You can, however, see the arches, dome and apse of 2 of the churches still in reasonable condition and a closer inspection will reveal frescos and mosaics some of which suggest the second church was dedicated to St. Nicholas, better known to us today as Santa Claus.
Coldwater Bay is aptly named. It’s a popular bay situated between Fethiye and Oludeniz with a natural cold water spring rising from its depths and making for a refreshing and frosty swim stop. Although many sailing guides suggest there are only a handful of anchorages, the owner of the small restaurant on site is skilled at positioning yachts making it possible to moor up to around 12. From Coldwater Bay it’s possible to trek overland to the former Greek “Ghost Town” of Kayakoy, a fascinating village with a phenomenal history that now lies in roofless ruins following a population exchange in 1923. Here you can enjoy a beer and a Turkish pancake in a shaded local restaurant and glimpse a little village life that feels a world away from the thriving commercial resorts.